Outdoor & Studio Maternity Photography in London


“Little Crumpets Photography” offers both outdoor and studio maternity and pregnancy photography. Maternity photography sessions are best held from 32-35 weeks so that we leave enough time before baby arrives and so that your baby bump is the perfect size! Studio and outdoor sessions are available for your maternity session and which you choose truly comes down to your style preference.

Studio Maternity & Pregnancy Sessions: As pictured above, studio maternity sessions have a classic and timeless look with a fine art feel. You may bring your own clothes to show off your style but fabric is also provided in many colours to create a “dress” like you see in the above image. This helps to create a stream-lined and timeless look that shows off your bump in a tasteful way. Cream and black backdrops are provided along with airy backlit images that show off the star of the session, your baby bump! Studio sessions truly focus on you and your bump with no distracting elements in the background. Simplicity is key!

Outdoor Maternity & Pregnancy Sessions: Outdoor maternity sessions can be viewed in the portfolio and are done at all times of year. Autumn, winter and summer all provide unique and varying foliage that capture the time of year you were due in. An outdoor bump session has a more relaxed look and often couples who are more “camera shy” feel more comfortable doing this type of session. An outdoor session helps couples relax and act more natural because they are able to walk around and focus on nature or each other instead of worrying about posing for a camera! For an outdoor session, bringing your own outfits is recommended so the session looks natural and captures your own style. The key to natural images is to feel comfortable with what you are wearing!

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