Outdoor Maternity Photography in London, England

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I love outdoor maternity sessions. Actually, I love any type of outdoor photography session. There’s something about being outdoors that makes me feel freer and my client feel freer. It is amazing what a bit of foliage and sun (or overcast most of the time in London) can do!

“I’m camera shy, is it better for me to do an outdoor maternity session or a studio maternity session?”

I truly recommend an outdoor maternity session if you are a bit camera shy. I find we get to know each other really well as we walk around to my favourite photo spots so this helps ease you a bit. I also find that the birds chirping, dogs running around and the walking help ease your nerves and it feels less like a photography session and more like a fun walk through a forest!

I also love the variety we can get outdoors, the images above were taken just seconds from each other with vastly different looks! One is a bit moodier and darker while the other looks like it was on a sunny day! In the outdoor space I use there’s a toilet nearby so you can change into the array of dresses I can bring for your session. The dress in this image is one of mine and I also have it in cream!

“When is the best time to do a maternity photography session?”

I always suggest doing a maternity session from 32-35 weeks pregnant so we can get your session in before you get too big and it is too hard to move! This way we also are safe if you deliver a few weeks early. At this stage your bump is the perfect size and you can show it off to remember forever in the images!

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