Now Offering Lifestyle Natural Home Sessions in Ghent and Brussels


After many years of thought and deliberation, I’ve officially decided to only offer natural home sessions rather than posed prop home sessions. For those that want my typical¬†posed prop sessions, these are offered in my London¬†studio where I have all my beautiful wood props, backdrops, posing beanbag, bonnets, wraps and headbands all organised and ready for our session. I thought about removing home sessions completely because my heart lies with posed props sessions in my studio but I do love capturing natural and images filled with life at homes. These sessions can be found on my pricelist under “Home Session” (please email me at for a pricelist).

For years I tried bringing props to homes and trying to replicate what I could do in my studio but my heart wasn’t in it as I adore my studio sessions. I have a large studio with all my beautiful props and lighting at my fingertips and I hated not being able to provide the same quality that I could do in studio at homes. So now, if you would prefer a home session, it is done in a natural style with no props and I only bring my camera. These sessions are for clients who have a decent sized light filled space who want to show off and remember their beautiful home and their little one’s nursery. These are more family oriented images and we capture you sitting naturally in a rocking chair in baby’s nursery, you cuddled as a family on your bed or include your pets in some! Natural home sessions are so you can capture those little memories of what the first few weeks at home with a new baby felt like.

I still offer my typical posed prop newborn photography session in My London newborn photography studio that dominate my website portfolio and these can be found on Packages 1-3 of my price list. I adore these sessions as I love having all my props surrounding me and creating sessions that are catered to you. I love getting my creative juices flowing to create a unique and bespoke prop and posed newborn session for you in my studio!