Then and Now: How I’ve Progressed As A Newborn Photographer



I thought I would show you what 4 years and a lot of training, workshops, new equipment and vast experience can do so that you hire a professional newborn photographer.

In the bottom picture is one of my first practice sessions with a baby. In it you can see the images are underexposed (back when I used natural light and had to deal with dark, rainy London days), they are poorly posed, the skin isn’t edited properly (baby looks very grey), bonnets aren’t even done up/fit poorly and there is definite weird cropping going on. Now I’m not writing this to cut apart my old pictures as this mother loved them as anyone loves images taken of their baby but I am here to show you what training and experience can do so that you do hire a professional newborn photographer.

Fast forward 4 years and I have a studio, professional lighting, better equipment that I’ve invested a lot of money in, I’ve perfected the editing of newborn skin, I’ve take countless posing and safety newborn workshops and am so comfortable with posing and working with babies that I could do it with my eyes closed (but I won’t)! I can remember how I felt at that session 4 years ago. I was terrified of posing babies. I barely touched them myself and got the parents to settle them and place them. I didn’t pose their hands and as you can see, I was so scared to wake them that I didn’t even do up the bonnet!

Hundreds and hundreds of sessions later and I’ve invested so much in my career as a newborn photographer. I still have much to improve upon in my own critical eye but sometimes it feels good to look back and see how far we’ve come!

I recommend investing in an experienced and professional newborn photographer as here it is very clear in my before and after images that there is a difference in quality, safety and comfort for your baby when hiring an inexperienced “photographer” and a professional newborn photographer who has invested in training and has years of experience. Invest in those beautiful memories as they won’t be this little again!