London Newborn Photographer


This gorgeous girl was one of the biggest newborns I’ve had in awhile, she is just too adorable with that little pouty lip! She was also my very first ginger haired newborn, I love ginger hair!

I’ve got so much editing to do before I leave for Canada but am trying my best to get everything done so I can enjoy time with my family while visiting home. It is so hard being so far away from family, I don’t want to be distracted with work while I am visiting them so I’m on overload until I leave! I’m so excited to relax when I go home, look for inspiring new props at antique markets, walk my parents’ dog (I miss her so much) and see my grandparents!

I can’t believe how quickly Autumn is booking up, make sure to secure a session early as newborns are best photographed from 5-14 days old and I’ve had so many people get back to me months after they’ve enquired lately and I just have no room for them anymore, such a shame! It is so crazy how much newborns change every single day so it is so important to capture them early, they will never be that tiny again!