London Newborn Photographer: What is the best age for a newborn photography session?

How old should a newborn be for their newborn photography session?

Newborn photography sessions are best done when baby is 5-14 days old (but I do them up to a month old). Ideally it is best to do them at this time as newborns of this age are very sleepy and sleep very deeply. They are also very bendy and poseable! This means that most sessions done at this time are easier and smoother for baby as we want baby as happy as possible during our newborn photography sessions! The later a newborn session is done, the harder it can be on baby as they can be fussier, more awake, have colic, dry skin and baby acne. The older they are, the harder it can be to get those adorable poses you see that are so popular in newborn photography. In those early sleepy days, a newborn can sleep straight through their newborn photography session!

Newborn photographers recommend booking after your 12 or 20 week scan to secure a session around your due date as not only do newborn photographers book up way in advance but you may get busy with all your preparations for baby and forget to book ahead of time. Don’t miss out on capturing those first few weeks of your newborn’s life as they are only that little once!

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