London Newborn & Baby Photographer: Why I Became a Newborn Photographer


I often get asked by clients how I became a newborn photographer and well, I must say the journey has been long but a natural progression. You know in school when they say that the job you will have may not even exist yet or you may never have heard of it? Well, I never in a million years thought I’d have become a newborn photographer because I never knew about it when I was in school! But if you told my Secondary School self what I’d eventually have as a career? I bet she would’ve been pretty excited for her future. Back in Secondary School I had no idea which direction to take in University, so I chose to study subjects I loved- English and Art. I thought majoring in English would lead to a stable career choice. How wrong I was! I went into teaching and hated it. I went for the stable career choice and ended up so sick and miserable that I had to follow my dreams. It took me awhile to figure out what those dreams were, I had been taught to believe that anything artsy wasn’t a good career choice as it would be too hard to survive on it. I examined my interests and realised the one thing that made my heart sing was photography. I had always taken my little sister’s photos (she’s 16.5 years younger than me) and absolutely adored doing so. I then discovered the genre of newborn photography which was very scary at first as I had to train and get experience with newborns. After many years in newborn photography, I’m so in love with my job and I can’t believe I got so lucky to find it!