North London Children’s Photographer: Sisters Portrait Session Wrapped in a Quilt

sisters in quilt portrait
sisters in quilt eyes closed


Winter portrait sessions can be cold and miserable. That’s why I use certain props for winter to make things a little easier! The blanket or quilt is my fave! I love to use vintage quilts that have a history, like your great-grandmother’s quilt that’s been passed on through the generations.

Here are Fiona and Olivia: looking a little like American Girl dolls (their favourite) in their sisters’ portrait session. Here is an example of shooting in a busy park. Despite the cold, this park was packed with dog walkers and runners! We encountered many people crossing the bridge that they were standing on and the girls would have to shuffle over to the side in the heavy quilt. It was well worth it though as these photos turned out beautifully and captured a whimsical winter spirit!

How was your weekend? Mine was super relaxing and we explored a bit of London that I can’t wait to share with you!