North London Children’s Photographer: Pink Fur Hood Children’s Winter Portrait

bw child fur hood portraitpink fur hood child portraitwinter child portrait hoodpink hood winter portrait


Another prop I love during a child’s winter portrait session is simple and all kids wear it! The winter coat! I love a big face-framing fur hood for portraits. It keeps kids warm and comfortable during a portrait session while creating a unique, simple and festive look!

While I love props, I don’t use them for every picture I take. I love having a large portion of my portrait session looking simple and understated so that the primary focus of the image is the child (duh Kirstin, that’s what parents want in a portrait session)! I love a beautiful close up portrait showing the child deep in though and lost in their own world. That’s why this session is one of my favourites, it is truly simple, soft and calming!

While this is one of my favourite winter children’s portrait sessions, I can’t deny that Spring seems to be rapidly approaching here in North London. Yesterday we ventured out (like every other Londoner) and went to the British Museum. I love the Egyptian sections! So cool! I love that in London I have all this amazing stuff at my fingertips!

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