London Newborn Photography: Why Are Newborns Best Photographed Under Two Weeks Old?


I often get clients who are baffled that newborns need to be photographed under 2 weeks old. To them it seems odd, too soon or like torture after just having a new baby. While it can be hard to leave the house just after having a baby, I assure you it is for good reason. In order to get all the gorgeous images of babies delicately posed, sleeping in buckets or curled up in a womb-like pose, we need to do the photography session when baby is under two weeks old. This ensures that we get those beautiful images you see on my website. Why under two weeks old?

Your newborn has just emerged into a scary new world after spending 9 months curled up in the womb with warmth, motion and lots of noise inside. It was a super comfy place! When a newborn is first born they sleep many hours, I often have clients tell me about their struggles to wake their newborn when they are trying to feed them! Newborn sleep about 16- 18 hours a day! I often have dads ask me, “Why do they need to be asleep? Can’t you just photograph them awake?” I always try to get some awake shots of baby but there isn’t much variety we can get before baby gets antsy and starts crying. Their focus is a bit off when they are newborns so very rarely do you get shots of baby looking directly at the camera. The reason we photograph baby asleep is primarily for safety reasons, I would never put an awake baby in a bucket or in a pose. Newborns can be very strong and can easily kick themselves off something and baby must be safely supported at all times. While sleeping baby is flexible and happy, so we can put them in cute positions and safely spot them for photographs.

After three weeks I find it harder to get the more complex poses and colic soon begins. A session under two weeks old is generally less stressful for everyone so we can get beautiful images of baby! During a session I do everything (except feed baby of course) so parents get a chance to relax!

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