Why Are Newborn Sessions Best Photographed Under Two Weeks Old?



Newborn Photographers recommend photographing a newborn under 2 weeks old, it seems crazy when you’ve just given birth and are settling into life with a new baby. It can be a feat to leave the house at this stage so why on earth would you want to go to a photography studio and have your baby photographed at that age?

Well, after many years of photographing newborns I’ve come to recognise just how much they change week by week after they are born. We want to capture them when they are fresh, tiny and curly just like they were when first born. You want to remember their tiny toes, delicate eyelashes, their little back rolls, wispy soft hair and the way their curl naturally into a womb-like pose all on their own. By one month old they lose their womb-like curliness, are more awake (so we can’t get those adorable posed images), are spotty and often have bad colic. All of this does not make the easiest session!

In fact, doing the session under two weeks old actually helps us to have an easier session? How? Well, when baby is under two weeks old they are very sleepy as long as they are warm and full. This helps us to get the gorgeous bucket poses, nude poses and adorable swaddled images. Newborn babies love rides in the car as they lull them to sleep so long car rides and travelling aren’t a problem at all. Once you get to my studio you are able to feed baby and my studio is carefully planned out to accommodate newborns (as I specialise in newborn babies) by being very warm and having all the supplies you may have forgotten like nappies, wipes and nappie bags!

If you’re looking for more information on booking a newborn photography session at my London newborn photography studio, please contact me at and I will send you over my information email!