London Newborn Photography: Why a Newborn Photography Studio Session?:


When choosing a newborn photography session, you must choose between an studio session or a home session. While a home session has obvious benefits to new parents, it is important to read this and the argument for the benefits of studio sessions before you compromise on quality. You are investing in newborn photography and memories that will last a lifetime, why compromise on quality in the end? Why invest in hiring a professional photographer when you then don’t get perfect professional results from a home session? I have great experience doing home newborn sessions and studio newborn sessions and I thought I’d explain the vast benefits of a studio newborn photography session.

I understand that it can seem daunting as a new parent to take a newborn to a studio as you as a new mum are recovering. However, the benefits are so large for the final product that it is well worth the trip! Newborns are super sleepy in their early days so love car rides and you can get ready at my studio, all you need to do is get here (and you don’t need to clean your home)! Then, once here you can relax on the sofa while I do everything else, many of my clients fall asleep on the sofa because they are so relaxed!

Why Do A Studio Newborn Photography Session?

Safety- Safety is my number one reason. When doing home sessions in London, most homes are not suitable for a professional newborn session. Often homes are too cold and drafty to safely pose a newborn in the traditional nude poses. As newborns are so tiny and cannot regulate their temperature, they lose heat quickly and a cold home that will not warm up no matter how high the heat, is not suitable for a newborn session.

As many homes in Belgium are small, they can be too small for a photography session. I’ve encountered many hazards in homes like slippery floors, cramped quarters and as we do most of the session on the floor, I’ve encountered environments that weren’t the cleanest for posing a new baby.

In my Ghent, Belgium newborn photography studio I clean/ sanitise everything daily to ensure it is perfect for a new baby. I can control the heat so that it is suitable for a newborn with little heaters I have set up. I can then quickly cool the room down if need be. My studio is created so there are no hazards during the newborn session.

Posed newborn photography is an art, why even try to create art in a less-than perfect environment that will yield less than perfect results?

Lighting- Lighting is a very important factor in creating professional and high quality newborn photography. In my studio I have a large 5ft professional umbrella light that is not the most portable! I also have blinds that block out any daylight that would change the colour of the studio lighting. It is important to use studio lighting for quality images in England as the light in England is too unreliable and dark. Even on the darkest of rainy days, we are covered for beautiful lighting in my studio!

Workflow- In my studio I use a set workflow in each newborn session that I’ve perfected over the years to create the most amount of images with the least amount of movement for baby. I have every set up planned to the last headband in the studio so the session goes as smoothly and quickly as possible for baby. This workflow has their comfort and safety in mind. In a home, I am not able to bring everything that is essential to my workflow thus resulting in a more difficult and longer session for baby.

Props and Professional Equipment- In my studio I have invested in props and equipment that help make a newborn photography session look professional and high-quality. I have a large wood backdrop, a large 5ft studio light,  a posing beanbag, a beanbag stand, heaters, lots of cleaning/ nappies changing supplies and unlimited props on hand. These all contribute to make a perfect professional look. As I cannot bring these things to a home session, the results are nowhere near as perfect. Also, as I can only take a suitcase to your home, we don’t have as much choice for props at a home session as you would in the studio.

Size of Space- The size of the space required for a newborn session can be tricky at homes. As many city apartments are super tiny it can be difficult to manoeuvre a decent sized space to do the images in. I often used to have to get dads to move around sofas, tables and chairs so I could make it work and even then, it didn’t always! In my studio I have everything carefully set up where it needs to be to get the best results.