Newborn Photography and Safety


Earlier this week I shared an image of this “Froggy” pose finished but I didn’t share how it’s done! Here is a before and after of the “Froggy” pose! When hiring a newborn photographer, it is extremely important you hire an experienced and trained photographer who specialises in newborns. The reason for this is that they are trained in newborn safety and posing. Hiring a “friend” who has a good camera will not achieve the same quality level and can actually put your precious newborn at risk. To the untrained eye, this image looks like baby is supporting herself. However, this image is called a “composite”. A “composite” image is when two photos are merged in photoshop. In the “froggy” pose, hands are on baby at all times to fully support baby! It is important to emphasise this as baby can not support themselves and trying to do so can be extremely dangerous. It is very important to hire someone who knows how to do this pose safely and knows how to seamlessly composite two images together in photoshop.

An experienced newborn and baby specialist photographer knows how to safely carry out the more complicated poses and how to keep baby safe every step of the way. They know how to transition baby to get a seamless and effortless session (unless baby is very hungry that day, then we take lots of feeding breaks)!

The “froggy” pose is quite a funny pose and oddly enough baby feels quite comfortable in it, it is just like they are being burped! Baby often goes into a very deep sleep during the “froggy” pose and I adore the tiny snores I often get! To achieve this pose, baby needs to be under 14 days old as they sleep deeper and feel more comfortable in positions like this as they are still curly and womb-like!

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