London Newborn Photography: Why is Newborn Photography an Investment?


Why is Newborn Photography in Belgium so expensive? I’m not the most expensive out there, in fact, I try to be as budget friendly as I can be. However, I still get people who try to haggle me or ask for deals. Why do I charge what I charge for my newborn photography?

There are so many expenses that go into running a business- lots of things that clients don’t think about when they think about the pricing for 5 images, 15 images or 40 images. Many people say, how can you possible charge that much for just 5 images- well you aren’t getting just 5 images, you are getting everything that comes with creating 5 images!

The Expenses Your Photographer Pays:

The amount of money I put into my tiny business is crazy. To keep my business running each month I have an array of expenses that I must pay.

-studio rent

-camera upkeep


-advertising/marketing (a huge chunk of my salary goes to advertising just so you can find me)

-electricity/heating bills

-bank fees

-studio equipment upkeep

-Tax- all of my sessions have tax taken out of them

-office supplies

-Workshops- this year alone I’m attending two workshops to constantly improve my newborn photography skills. I always try my best to be up to date on the latest poses and trends!

The Time Your Photographer Puts in to Your Session & After Your Session:

The amount of time I spend on each session does not just happen during the 2-3 hour session window.

-I answer your emails

-I send receipts/do admin/send galleries

-I prep and clean my studio for your session ( I get out all the props and carefully plan for your session)

-Our session lasts approximately 2-3 hours depending on baby- this is tiring work as a newborn photographer works in a hot room, spends the whole time soothing baby! It’s often like a hot yoga session!

-I clean my studio and all soiled items after your session

-I edit your images (approximately 10 hours is spent on each gallery)

What Else Does A Photographer Do?:

A photographer never stops going! In order to run our own small business and lead creative lives, many of us are working night and day!

-After editing, I then write blog posts to keep up on my SEO for my website

-I run my own website and keep it updated

-Every month I advertise and market through various sources, this is extremely time consuming!

-I keep my social media updated daily such as Facebook and Instagram

-I mail USBs/ order Prints

-I answer all emails and enquiries

To find out more about my pricelist and to book your newborn session, feel free to email me at