Newborn Photography in London


This funny little pose is called the “potato sack”. It is quite a magical pose in that by putting layers of wraps on helps put baby into a deep sleep! I never had my hands off baby in this pose as this is called a composite image where I merge two photos together in photoshop to get rid of my hands! This little cutie was such an amazing sleeper and we got through so many set ups very quickly!

What are your plans for the weekend? I’m so excited to paint wood this weekend. Okay, I know that sounds odd but I am creating my dream studio backdrop out of wood this weekend! A wood floor backdrop is essential for a newborn photographer as it makes such a classic background for all the prop set ups we do. Ever since I moved into my studio I’ve been putting off making it but tomorrow is the day! My wood is ready to be painted white on one side and stained on the other! It seems a bit silly but having this wood backdrop seems like a major accomplishment to me in my business as I now have my home studio and have coveted other photographers wooden floors!