London Newborn Photography: Newborn Photography FAQ’s Answered


1.) Is newborn photography safe?- Newborn photography is an unregulated industry and that is why it is very important you do your research on finding the very best newborn photographer. You must check how long a newborn photographer has been posing newborns and if they’ve taken any training courses/workshops on safe posing.

2.) Can you photograph baby awake?- I love photographing baby awake for a portion of the session. It is so adorable to see all the gorgeous and silly faces they make in those first few weeks. For the more complicated poses, baby needs to be asleep so the pose can be done safely and right.

3.) How old should my baby be?- Posed newborn sessions are best done under 2 weeks old. This is because newborns are the sleepiest at this time and still very flexible because they’ve been curled up in the womb. Older babies can develop colic, be more awake and you can’t pose them in adorable positions like you can newborns. Having a sleepy newborn makes for a stress-free and calm session which is why it’s best to do it as early as possible.

4.) Can you do natural images?- While my photographic style veers towards using props and colours, I also do a portion of the sessions where baby is nude and without props. These result in simple and timeless images that feature just baby.

5.)Is it okay for baby to leave the house so early?- As baby is just going in the car and into my clean home studio, it is completely fine for baby to leave your home this early. As they are not going to a place with a number of people/germs (like a hospital), my London newborn studio is a comfortable and safe environment for a new baby.

6.) Will baby be okay in the car?- Newborns love the car and as they love vibration, movement and noise (just like in the womb), as long as they are fed, a newborn will sleep deeply in the car on the way to my studio.

7.) When should I book my newborn photography session at your London studio?- Newborn sessions are best booked after your 12 or 20 week scan. It is best to book as early as possible to ensure that I’m available!