The Newborn Photography Editing Process: London Baby Photographer


I thought I would show a little bit of what goes into the editing process of a newborn photography session. Editing can be a length process in newborn photography because newborn safety is most important. This means for some complicated poses or props, my hands are on baby at all times or a spotter is inches near baby at all times. This requires a long process to edit out hands using composites or clone stamping. Newborn skin can also be quite difficult at this stage as they have marks from birth, redness, dry flakey skin, milk spots or severe baby acne. Your session doesn’t stop after you leave my studio but rather the work has just begun for me! I love sitting for hours and hours with a cup of tea editing your gallery in my own style! Sometimes a gallery can take up to 10-15 hrs of editing in total!

As you can see in this image I have taken out my feet (it was a silly socks day), taken out my light stand, extended the wood planks and dealt with any skin issue. This is a fairly simple edit!