Newborn Photography in London, England- Capturing Memories


I was thinking about my honeymoon, we went to Venice and Paris. In Paris we stayed in Montmartre. For those who don’t know, Montmartre has an artists square and is steeped with art history that blew my art history geek mind away!

Anyway, Montmartre is still is rich in art culture and in the artist square there are various artists selling their paintings and drawings. It is amazing to see so many styles and price points as you walk through the square.
What bothered me is how easy it is to get caught up by price. Of course, I just had my wedding and was on my honeymoon so was on a tighter budget than usual but one does forget how much work and education goes into being able to produce work like they do in Montmartre.
You are getting value, hard work and a work of art that you will cherish forever from a unique place steeped with art history. Can you really put a price on that?
The same goes for newborn photography- the internet is like our huge artist square in Montmartre, we have different styles, vast educations and training and different price points. Each of us have a reason for our price, be it large overheads like expensive studio costs and advertising costs, the huge amount of work involved with sessions and editing and a desire to support our families.
However we all produce work that will be cherished forever in your home and be a lifelong treasure for you and your ancestors. Capturing memories are our work of art.
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