Newborn Photography and Props: London Newborn & Baby Photographer


One of the things that I adore about newborn photography is that when I look at my work I can see how much work and creativity went into each image. Not only is it my hard work in a session or the hours I spend editing but also with the high-quality props I use. Almost every prop I use is handmade from the knitted items, the headbands (all purchased from “Created by Carli”), the handmade wood bowls and the wood backdrop I made.

This is a silly little post to showcase the stuffies my mum makes me (she makes all my knitted items from bonnets to posing blankets as I prefer her stuff to items on Etsy). Each little bear is knitted by her and made of the very best wool across the world- we buy wool from Scotland, England, U.S and across Canada! We have so much fun looking through all the little quirky wool shops for the perfect wool!