Newborn Photography: All About Professional Retouching and Editing


Did you know that editing one newborn session can take up to 15 hours alone? Newborn photography isn’t just about the time in your newborn session but your newborn photographer actually spends more time outside of the session editing and retouching your images. After your session your photographer uploads and saves your images onto a few different hard drives to ensure that they are safe. After that they cull through the images and delete any repeats, blurry or blinking shots as they are useless. Your photographer chooses the best of the best to then edit.

They then take the image from a RAW file (an unprocessed large file that is like a blank slate and needs to be processed to look good). Processing a RAW file means that white balance, exposure, sharpening and contrast may all need to be adjusted. Once files are chosen to be edited, for newborn photography, the work begins! A client wouldn’t want the images before they had been edited as they don’t look the same at all! In newborn photography, there are often floor shots where feet or poles are still in the image and need to be taken out through editing. There are also images where hands are on baby for safety and need to be removed, this can be a long process. Backdrops often need to be extended and wrinkles removed.

Once this is all done the editing of skin and stray hairs begins! There is no magical click of a button that smoothes everything over and takes out every spot. Unfortunately, all blemishes, spots and skin flakes (newborns are notoriuously flakey) need to be removed individually and this can be a very lengthy process! Then we need to fix the overall appearance of skin which starts with the redness, newborn skin can be very red and we want the finished look to appear natural and not tomato-like and patchy! This step includes removing reds and cyans to get a natural complexion. The final step is to smooth skin while maintaining skin texture to get a nice baby smooth look!

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