Newborn Photographer Fashion


1.) Power Leggings- Sweaty Betty

2.) “Newborn Photography is My Hot Yoga” T-shirt- Strawberry Revolution

3.) “Snuggle Pose Edit Repeat” T-shirt- Strawberry Revolution

4.) “I Can’t I Have To Edit”- Strawberry Revolution

5.) Active Marble Leggings- Forever 21

6.) “Give Me Your Babies” T-shirt- Strawberry Revolution

7.) Reversible 7/8 Leggings- Sweaty Betty

8.) Speed Under Tight Nulux- Lulu Lemon

I used to be a Secondary School teacher when I first arrived to London, England and my outfits for teaching were so far from how my wardrobe has changed for being a newborn photographer. My outfits for teaching were professional, formal and dressy. I did my hair and makeup every morning and looked dressed up. When I first considered being a newborn photographer, I looked at their wardrobe and thought it was a bit unprofessional and I didn’t actually stop to consider why newborn photographers wear what they do!

A newborn photographer mostly wears long baggy t-shirts and yoga leggings, there are many reasons for this. The first is that each newborn photography session in my North London studio feels like a yoga workout! I need to be comfortable and able to move freely as I’m often sitting on the floor, rocking baby and posing baby. The second is because it gets very warm in a newborn photography studio as baby needs to be as warm as possible to keep them happy and sleepy. Being undressed can be a shock for a little one who is used to being in the womb and having the heat on keeps them happy. This often results in a very sweaty photographer as we are constantly moving around during the session! The last reason and perhaps most obvious is that messes/ accidents do happen in sessions and I’ve often had newborns have an accident on me! I need to wear clothes that aren’t fancy and can easily be removed of stains. A newborn photographer’s wardrobe is practical and comfortable but can be fun with all the different types of yoga leggings and newborn photography t-shirts out there!