Newborn Mini Photography Sessions in London, England


What is the “Newborn Mini Photography Session?

I often get enquiries stating that they just want a few images to capture their newborn baby in the first few weeks. Sometimes this is all their budget allows or they aren’t massive picture people and don’t need a ton of images. So I created the “Newborn Mini Session” to help those who have a tighter budget or only want a few images. This type of a session is only an hour long and due to the time constraint only includes swaddled images of baby and no family images/bucket poses/or highly posed images. These images photograph baby how they are cosiest and most comfortable, all wrapped up just like in the womb. As it isn’t a highly posed session we are able to do the session in an hour and photograph baby awake or asleep. We still get lots of different set ups that feature baby in an array of your colour choices.

Wrapped poses are my favourite as we still get lots of variety but baby feels snug and happy, just like in the womb. I often get clients who tell me that their baby doesn’t like being swaddled, but the majority of babies do as I demonstrate in my sessions. They love their arms close to them as in the first few weeks of their life it can be quite startling for them when their arms stretch out and there is just air as in the womb they didn’t have much room to move. As a result, this is quite comforting to newborns fresh out of the womb and they love being swaddled. This is why we can do the session in under an hour!

The “Newborn Mini Session” MUST be done under two weeks old and can’t be done any older as the older a newborn gets, the more awake they get which makes it difficult to keep baby asleep and happy. After two weeks babies can fuss with colic or wind and this makes a very tricky and longer session which means we can’t do it in under an hour.

To book your newborn session in my London newborn photography studio email me (Kirstin) at for more information!