London Newborn Photography: Hospital Bag Checklist for Mum To Be!


As I’m pregnant myself right now, I’m writing list upon list upon list! I’ve written an everything I need to buy for baby list and a hospital bag list. I thought I’d share the hospital bag checklist here as many of my clients have told me things they have forgotten over the years! It can be super overwhelming having to remember everything so here it is, all in one place! While some things you may not need, it can’t hurt to be over prepared instead of having dad run out to the shops while you’re in labour or after.

Newborn Hospital Bag Checklist:

-weekend bag

-nightgowns or loose pjs (front opening)

-robe or cardigan


-going home clothes

-nursing bras


-extra large comfy underwear (in dark colours)


-large pads

-water bottle

-nipple cream


-baby’s nappy bag with all the essentials (nappies, wipes, cream, formula (just in case you need it), ¬†swaddles)

-vests (3-5)

-baby sleepsuits (3-5)

-going home outfit for baby

-baby scratch mittens

-baby socks

-baby blanket

-baby hats

-car seat (they won’t let you go home without one)

-phone/charger and headphones

-snacks (in case hospital food doesn’t cut it)

-driver’s licence or id

-hand sanitiser

-nursing pillow

-muslin cloths or bibs