Newborn & Family Photography


This is a bit of a funny pose that I love to do for shots with mothers and their newborns. It is extremely popular in the newborn world and when I show mothers how to do it they kind of look at me like I’m a wee bit crazy. The reason I do it like this is when mums are holding their little ones naturally they tend to cradle them lower, near their waist. This works okay for far away shots but when you want a gorgeous, face-framing portrait you need need mum and baby to be as close and cuddly as possible! I love that with this pose I can get a close up portrait of the face or a tiny bit further away like with the gorgeous mum in this shot! I can then get an extra pose out of it by having dad wrap his arms around the two of them! I love the look on mum’s face here, just pure happiness with her beautiful new arrival.