My Photography Style- What To Expect in Your Newborn Photography Gallery


1.) Props- I plan my newborn photography sessions out carefully in my London newborn photography studio. Your sessions are so carefully planned that I spend about an hour the night before your session preparing for every transition and every pose that will happen in your session. My sessions are divided into three sections: Props, natural posed images and family images. I always start with prop images because they tend to be the easiest. Newborns love being swaddled up so I love starting with a series of wraps and working through them with various wood props like boxes, crates and buckets. As you can see from my newborn gallery, my style gravitates to props and I love rustic, classic and organic props that aren’t tacky or cheesy. I love newborn bonnets that are timeless, newborn headbands that are small and delicate (not big and tacky) and I love soft wool textures.

2.) Colour- My style does veer towards the colourful so for your session I ask you to pick from a long list of colours that I have props in. My clients tend to be drawn to my bright and colourful work. I then plan out your session based on what colours you choose so our session is carefully planned and tailored to you.

3.) Natural Images- One portion of your session is done on the beanbag and in this portion I do the nude posed “natural” looking images. This ensures we still get timeless/classic images and captures all of baby’s gorgeous rolls!

4.) Details- I always capture all the details of baby- close up portraits that capture the gorgeous details of their face and their tiny little feet.

5.) Family Portraits- These portraits are another portion of the session that I usually save until the end. By this time parents are very comfortable with me and as a result more comfortable in front of the camera. No one wants to pose in front of a camera after they’ve just had a baby but it is worth it to capture those first few weeks with your fresh little newborn. I aim to showcase emotion and the love that exudes from new parents!