London Newborn Photography: My Experience and Training in Newborn Photography


Did you know that it’s absolutely crucial that your newborn photographer have training? The newborn photography industry is in no way regulated and therefore as parents of a new arrival (or impending arrival) it is very important to do your research when hiring your newborn photographer. There are hundreds of newborn photographers in London,England, all with varying styles, price points and expertise. It is important when choosing your newborn photographer not to just choose one based on price but rather to investigate their training and experience. It is so important to choose an experienced newborn photographer as they will be handling your newborn for a few hours and it is a very hands on job!

What experience do I have with newborn photography and why am I qualified?

1.) Training- As my career has progressed and from the beginning I have invested in newborn photography workshops and training. There is no official university course for newborn photography but rather, very experienced newborn photographers (the forerunners of the industry) who teach workshops around the world. I’ve invested thousands of pounds in these workshops and will continue to do so. I’ve been taught by the best industry professionals from America, Australia and the UK. These workshops helped teach me how to safely handle newborns, make a stress-free, comfortable session for baby and influenced my artistic photography style. Newborn photography is so little about taking pictures but truly about soothing baby, making them comfortable and handling them. It is really two jobs in one!

2.) 5 Years of Experience Photographing Newborns in London- My business has been running for 5 years now and since that I’ve handled approximately 600 newborns (and counting)! Holding newborns is second nature to me now and my clients call me a baby whisperer and ask if I can be their night nanny! It is so important to hire an experienced newborn photographer so you can truly relax, enjoy the session and know your baby is in safe hands.

3.) Continuous Training and Research- I am continuously taking online training courses in newborn photography so I’m up to date on all the latest poses and trends in newborn photography from all over the world!