London Newborn Photography: Must Have Images For Each Newborn Session

There are countless poses for newborn photography and I’ve pretty much done them all, however I’ve developed my own routine for each newborn photography session so it provides the best comfort for baby and helps them stay in a deep sleep!

1.) The Swaddled Pose:

I always start with the swaddled pose (even if parents tell me their newborns hate it) as I’ve never met a baby that doesn’t like swaddling! After 9 months of being cosy and warm inside the womb it is quite a shock for a newborn to come out into a colder world and have these flailing limbs that startle them constantly. By wrapping a newborn up, I’m trying to replicate their happy place, in the womb. Please note this is a special type of swaddle that must be supervised at all times.


2.) The Swaddled With Feet Out Pose:

I always get parents coo at this pose as their newborn’s little feet and so adorable all wrapped in a half swaddle! This pose also provides a great opportunity to get feet detail shots which are always a favourite!


3.)The Bucket Pose:

This is my personal favourite pose in newborn photography! I think newborns look just adorable in a bucket and it also provides great opportunities to get close up portraits and profile shots. The details are just as important!


4.) The bum up pose:

This pose is often a parent favourite in the world of newborn photography as it is baby au natural! It truly shows you how tiny baby was and all the little details that change so fast (in just a mere week or two baby might not be able to do this pose).


5.) The Egg Wrap Pose:

I love this pose as it shows baby all curled up like in the womb, they find it completely natural! It also provides me the opportunity to put a little stuffed toy in their arms- I have a collection of a bunny, fox, elephant, otter, squirrel and quite a few bears!


6.) The Natural Sleeping Pose:

Parents love this one as they exclaim, “That’s how she/he sleeps at home!” Babies arms naturally fall to the sides of their body when they are super relaxed.


7.) The Awake Pose:

Another parent favourite! Who doesn’t love seeing their newborn awake? I always do these shots at the end as by this time newborns are ready to party! I love capturing awake shots as we truly capture their personality in these early days and get so many goofy faces!


8.) The Toes: