Meet Your London Newborn Photographer: My Experience as a Newborn Photographer


This is the first time since I started my newborn photography business that I have zero editing to be doing as it’s been over a month and a half since my last session before lockdown. Being in lockdown during Coronavirus has given me a large amount of thinking time. It’s given me a chance to reflect on my journey as a newborn photographer and feel grateful for what I’ve accomplished and how much I truly love my job. You never truly know how much you love something until it is taken away. So I thought I’d take time to introduce myself and my small business, I’m Kirstin and have been a newborn photographer for 5 or 6 years now. It’s been a very hard journey as I pretty much started from scratch and it’s been a huge learning curve.

I came to the UK from Canada when I was 23 years old to get teaching experience as I was a newly qualified Secondary School Teacher and there was limited job opportunities for that back in Canada. I tried teaching for a year or two before I realised it truly wasn’t for me and knew I had to switch my gears into something that would provide me with a happier life, one where I could pursue my creative passions. I fell into the world of photography by simply asking myself, “What gives you a buzz when you do it?” The only answer for me was taking pictures. While I still didn’t know a huge amount of the great technical aspects of photography, I used my background in Fine Art to influence my love for it and had such a drive to soak up every piece of knowledge I could about it. For a year or two I pursued headshot photography as London has a great acting world. I used supply teaching to help me support myself at the time of starting up my business as we all know it can be so tricky to get small businesses off the ground!

Then I came across newborn photography and that is where I hit the ground running! I came across one of my favourite Australian newborn photographers and just knew this niche in photography was for me. However, when I did my first 15 baby models I realised it wasn’t as easy as it looked. Professional newborn photographers make their work look effortless, like baby just placed themselves naturally in that position (and slept like a log) with perfect lighting and editing. However, we all know that isn’t the case! It took many many years of training in my field to be able to safely pose newborns like I do and have parents call me the “baby whisperer”. I soaked up all knowledge I could in training from my favourite newborn photographers from around the world and put it to practice by working my butt off. To this day I’ve photographed over 1000 newborns and every day can be an incredible learning experience, each baby has a unique personality and as a professional newborn photographer, I must be patient and work with that. The challenges never end with newborns as they are tiny, opinionated little humans who have newly emerged from the womb and I think that is why I love my job- each day is new and interesting because of that!