Meet Your London Newborn Photographer!

Hi, I’m Kirstin!

I’m a natural newborn photographer who travels to homes around London, England. I love newborn, baby, maternity and family photography sessions! My style is natural, organic and focuses on real emotion.


Having my own baby changed my photographic style

I first thought about transitioning to natural newborn photography when I was pregnant with my daughter, Ondine. For 7 years, I ran a successful newborn photography studio in North London specialising in newborn photography with props and bright colours. I trained from the best photographers in this style like Jade Gao. When I was pregnant with my little one it hit me that I wanted something more natural for my daughter’s newborn photography session. I didn’t want to hang prop images on the walls as they didn’t really suit my home decor style and weren’t timeless.  So I searched high and low for a newborn photographer that focused on natural, classic images and family. It was very very difficult to find one I really liked.


Your home and its importance in newborn photography

Now my daughter is 17 months and home newborn lifestyle photography has called to me. I wanted to create a style for myself that captured authentic moments and memories rather than focusing on poses/ colours and props. So now after 7-8 years of perfecting my studio style  I’ve overhauled my style completely and simplified it to be all about baby and your family in your home. Parenthood is about the little joyous moments like cuddling, inhaling that sweet baby smell and enjoying all the new things you are discovering about your new arrival. I seek to capture that with lifestyle newborn photography. Your home is such a big part of that too. Your home completely represents and embodies your family’s personality. It’s the place where you will spend in those first weeks of your newborn bubble. You’ll spend those never ending sleepless nights and potentially raise your little one. They’ll make they earliest memories in that home which is why I love doing newborn sessions at homes in London. It’s so lovely to have a record of their early days in their childhood home with their family.


Becoming a mother influenced my love for natural moments in photography

It is funny how becoming a mother changed my style of photography completely. I suppose it is because I came to appreciate the little moments, little expressions and her connection with us rather than the props or outfits. I realised a newborn isn’t so much a doll to dress up but rather a little human that is already so loved. I love witnessing that as a newborn photographer. I adore being able to capture that beautiful love of a long waited for new baby.


Contact me here to capture beautiful memories that aren’t overly posed or forced and that will be gifts for generations to come.