Meet Your London Newborn Photographer!

This website is usually all things newborn photography, newborn facts and talk about photography in general. However I thought I’d take the time to properly introduce myself and get a bit more personal than my “About Me” page which has all my newborn photography credentials and facts but doesn’t really help to personify me as a photographer!

1.) I’m Canadian and while I mention this a lot on my Instagram page or in my sessions, as someone in a different country, it really becomes the talking point for many conversations. Clients hear my accent and immediately it starts a conversation about why I came to live in London and what I miss about Canada (so many things)!

2.) I’m getting married this year so I’m busy planning away for our December wedding. I’m so excited to tie the knot in Bruges, Belgium but am a bit nervous to be in front of the camera for once! I’m so excited though as I found the best wedding photographers ever! Right now my life is wedding dresses, flower arrangements, colours and table decor! So much fun!

3.) I love all things creative- Outside of my normal working day as a newborn photographer, I don’t have much time for any hobbies or downtime anymore. Editing takes all night sometimes. However, when I do get a bit of spare time I love makeup and all things fashion (contrary to how I look in newborn studio sessions in my yoga pants and ponytail). I love Pinterest and perusing Instagram fashion bloggers to get inspiration!

4.) My animals are my life and I’ve become a vegetarian this year- I have two Siberian cats and they truly are my life. They are such active and playful cats that they take up a large part of my day. They keep me company while I edit and always make me laugh! As I’m so devoted to animals I’ve decided to become Vegetarian and hope to eventually move to Vegan.

5.) I loathe exercise but after a 2 year hiatus from working out, it’s time to get fit for my wedding! If you have any tips for making exercise fun, please send them my way as it always feel like such torture!

6.) A typical night for me is… editing while watching Netflix or Amazon Prime with intermittent cat snuggles!