Meet Kirstin: Your London Newborn Photographer (aka Baby Whisperer)


Photography is so important to me. For as long as I remember I took pictures of everything, even on a crappy little point and shoot camera or on a phone. It was always so important to record every moment in time and have it for the future. This is why I do what I do. I think it’s so important to capture the earliest special moments as a brand new family for my clients. I love capturing every detail for my clients and hope their photos will be cherished for years to come.

Thought I’d share with you my little business story as I always get asked how I got into newborn photography. I’m Canadian and my little sister is 17 years younger than me, when I was on summers off of uni I used to have to babysit her a lot and would spend days taking her on walks and taking pictures of her. I really honed my love for children’s photography during that time. Then I became a Secondary School teacher and moved to England in hopes of getting some work experience. However, I hated teaching! So I slowly started up my own photography business with the hopes of doing children’s photography and actors headshots. Then I came across newborn photography! It took me many years to develop my work to the caliber it is now but it was so worth it as I found the niche that I truly love! It is so amazing to capture little miracles every day and hear client stories, it truly is the best job ever!

Random facts about me:

1.) I lived in the UK 8 years now and then moved to Ghent, Belgium!

2.) I adore clothes and makeup but hardly buy any now as I spend my life in leggings for newborn sessions. 

3.) I’ve had my newborn photography business for 6 years or so now. 

4.) I’m a junk food addict but try to be healthier now- love me some Canadian Kraft Dinner and Tostitos!

5.) I’ve got two 4 year old Siberian cats- they are such loons and the best thing that ever happened to me.