London Photographer Style: What to Wear in Winter

Photographer Winter Style

£200 –

Lapel coat

Dondup high waisted pants
£165 –

Topshop ankle booties
£73 –

Nars cosmetic
£16 –
As London Fashion Week is happening here, I thought I would honour it with a fun little post! As silly as it sounds, one of my favourite things is getting dressed for a photography portrait session. As I was once a teacher where my wardrobe consisted of professional pencil skirts and trousers, I get excited to wear fun normal clothes! While it is very important to be able to move freely and comfortably during a portrait session, I still love dressing my best!
Dressing your best can easily be done with comfort in mind, for example, today I’ve included what one could wear in the Autumn or Winter for a day out! I love a traditional pea coat and I am obsessed with tartan. As my little sister is a Scottish Highland dancer, I have become obsessed with tartan! Tartan trousers, scarves and dresses all fill my wardrobe in the winter! To top off a look I wear a red, burgundy or berry lipstick with the rest of my makeup remaining quite simple!