London Newborn Photography: Why Hire a Professional Newborn Photographer?


Why Hire a Professional Newborn Photographer?

1.) Safety- Safety is the most important aspect of newborn photography. A professional newborn photographer has invested in training to learn how to safely conduct a newborn session, how to safely pose, create composites in Photoshop of more complicated poses so hands never leave baby and are edited out, the right temperature of the room etc. When I am doing a newborn session, a million things are going through my head to ensure your baby’s safety, how is baby’s head positioned, how are their feet/ hands positioned so that there is optimum blood flow through their limbs or what is the temperature of the room (are they too cold)?

2.) Business Insurance- A professional newborn photographer invests in public liability and business insurance. Does the £40 photographer on Gumtree have business insurance?

3.) Training- A professional newborn photographer invests yearly in training and has a strong background of photography and newborn training. Not only do newborn photographers have to understand the art/skill of photography but they need to have extensive training in posing and newborn safety.

4.) Editing- A professional newborn photographer perceives editing each individual image they create as a piece of art. A professional newborn has developed their own style and aesthetic for editing through experience and training.

5.) A newborn photographer invests in top equipment and continuously updates their equipment and props!