London Newborn Photography: Types of Sessions


What Photography Sessions Do I Offer?

I offer many types of photography sessions in the realm of baby and family photography. I absolutely love capturing memories so I feel the realm of family is perfect for me. I specialise in newborn photography in London but also offer maternity, family and baby photography. My style is natural and timeless with a bit of a trendy edge to it. I travel to your London home or outdoors for all my photography sessions as I feel these hold more meaning and emotion than traditional studio family photography sessions. I offer a beautiful Client Closet specialising in dresses for mums and adorable hand-knitted outfits for babies.


1.) Lifestyle Newborn Photography

Are you scared to leave your home with a newborn (especially with this current climate)? It can be daunting to leave the house with everything and the kitchen sink and trying to make it out of the house on time. What if you didn’t have to? Lifestyle Newborn Photography captures your new arrival in your London home in the most natural way- cuddling with your brand new family. It features your new baby and your family cuddling in baby’s first home. Lifestyle newborn photography seeks to capture emotion, togetherness, intimacy and natural moments. These are the moments you will want to remember for years to come. I have a range of high quality dresses for mum and outfits for baby to wear in my Client Closet to make your life even easier!


2.) Lifestyle Maternity Photography

My maternity photography sessions can be done in your London home or outdoors. Although I’m really loving the intimacy and moodiness that a home lifestyle session can portray! I love creating a moody look with natural light on your bed or by a window. I offer a wide variety of dresses and options for my Client Closet for you to choose from and each are carefully chosen to create a beautiful romantic look in your home. If you’d like some tasteful semi nude images, your home offers a safe private option to create such intimate beautiful images.

3.) Lifestyle Family Photography

Many clients choose an outdoor session for their family portraits or a studio backdrop but did you know your home is also an option? What better way to capture your children’s personalities than capturing them in their home where they feel most comfortable? I can capture them surrounded by their toys, in their nursery, cuddling on your bed- wherever they feel happiest! Having a lifestyle family photography session in your London home has so much meaning. Isn’t it the place that holds all your family memories (especially after being locked down so many times due to the current climate)?

4.) Outdoor Family Photography

Outdoor Family Photography Sessions are so lovely if you have particularly rambunctious children who need to run around and play! We can capture you all outside playing and truly enjoying the outdoors! Outdoor sessions can be so beautiful if we find the perfect spot! I love capturing your littles in Hampstead Heath, Richmond or your own back garden!

Contact me today to book your lifestyle photography session! I love capturing timeless, emotive memories for you to pass onto the next generation of your family.