London Newborn Photography: How I Stay Inspired


It can be overwhelming to see all the different types of newborn photography out there and when I’m super busy with newborn photography sessions sometimes I find myself in a bit of a styling rut. How do I stay constantly inspired and true to myself as a newborn photographer in London?

I watch online newborn workshops- Watching these workshops helps me take it back to basics and helps me work on perfecting my newborn posing. It also inspires me to see how the really well known newborn photographers across the world do things!
I go to fabric stores- I love being surrounded by colours and textures. Looking through a variety of fabrics helps to give me new ideas and inspires me to try new colour combinations or textures!
I go to charity shops/car boot sales/vintage shopping- There is nothing better than finding an amazing vintage prop! My favourites are the giant outdoor antique sales when I go home to visit Canada in the summer! I once got a great vintage metal pretzel tin and antique automobile bucket there!
Planning nights- I have a night where I take out all my props/fabrics and try to think of new ways to use them! I always end up surrounded by piles and piles of props!