Is My London Home Too Tiny For A Newborn Photography Session?

Are you worried your London home is too tiny and cluttered for a home newborn photography session? I hear this all the time as sometimes in lifestyle home newborn photography sessions in London, your home does feature in the background of the images. I always say it doesn’t matter though! I’ve been to every type of home across London for newborn photography sessions and I thrive on the challenge to make it work and for your images to look beautiful!

Utilising Your Windows in a Home Newborn Photography Session

As I use natural light in homes I take most of your images near a window. I love the way a window acts like a natural soft box! Usually around windows there is a bit of a wall or empty space to be the background in the images or we can declutter this small space as we go. We do most of the session in the bedroom, living room or nursery– usually whatever has the best light! In the bedroom I recommend putting down plain bedding in a neutral colour like cream, brown or white on the bed so that it creates a timeless backdrop to your images and we do lots of cuddly, intimate images on the bed! I have done so many newborn photography sessions in the tiniest London homes such a studio flats or one room entirely. For these sessions we keep everything simple and focus on a wide range of poses that focus on emotion and your new family.

Closely Cropped Emotive Moments in a Home Newborn Photography Session

If your home is super cluttered I often take lots of closely cropped images in my newborn photography sessions as these are my favourite anyway! I love capturing cuddly close up images as these truly feature the intimate moments of your family and help convey emotion!  We must remember that you and your family are the focus of these images and your home is only a blur in the background. My main goal for every session is to place the family as the focus and capture real moments- your home is never the focus! I always say that I could do an entire newborn photography session against one wall in your house near a window. I have such a range of emotive poses that create entirely different looks so they focus on the emotion of your new arrival, rather than the aesthetic of your home.The heart of your family is the most important! I also have a Client Closet that helps you choose from my client wardrobe of dresses and baby outfits so that the session looks beautiful and cohesive!
Worried your tiny London home is too small? Contact me and we can discuss your newborn photography session!