London Newborn Photography: Newborn Studio


This little girl was too good to me, I adore this bright colour on her, doesn’t it suit her so well?

I always love asking my clients what their job is. I’m always so fascinated by what people have chosen to do with their lives, partly because I may never even have heard of their job!

Part of my fascination with it is because it took me so long to find where my true passion was and what I wanted to really do with my life. I trained as a teacher because I knew I loved the subjects English and Art and couldn’t really think of a career that would incorporate either of them that I could make a steady living out of. So I chose to be a teacher because it was “safe”, not because I loved it or had a passion for it. Clearly the safe option didn’t go so well and I decided to try making a career out of something that I’ve loved all my life but never in a million years considered doing it as a job because it was so competitive and soooo not the “safe” option: Photography!

It’s competitive, it’s hard and running your own business requires a million other things that don’t even involve photography (marketing and advertising!) but I wouldn’t have it any other way, I love my job as a newborn photographer! I love furthering my knowledge, taking more workshops and have a such a passion for it!