London Newborn Photography: Behind the Scenes- Editing!


I thought I would show a few before/ afters of a newborn skin edit (these unretouched skin versions did have colour correcting and post-processing prior to the skin being touched up too) as sometimes I have clients ask what I do when retouching or are shocked when I tell them that editing a session takes way longer than the actual session does. With newborn photography, there tends to be a lot more editing because newborns have very sensitive skin and their skin is reacting to it’s new environment. They tend to be very red, have baby acne and very dry, peeling skin. Some baby skin needs a bit more help than others! I’ve included the before and afters of a newborn with dry skin showing everything I’ve taken out in retouching. I take out dry skin, spots, a bit of redness (I like my newborns to have a bit of natural red to them though) and smooth skin slightly so they are as perfect as when they first were born! I love editing, I find it really calming and love having a cup of tea while doing it (I’m a bit of a chain-tea drinker)!

Below are the finished versions!