London Newborn Photography: Autumn Themes


I absolutely love autumn; it is my favourite time of year! I love being able to wear an autumn coat (much more stylish than a heavy winter coat, I love wear boots and scarves! One of my favourite parts of autumn is the beautiful coloured leaves (although we’ve been majorly lacking in that this September) so I thought I’d do an autumn theme for one of my set ups with this gorgeous little guy! He was so good to me (ironically this was taken during the September heatwave we had so he was good as gold)!

When I was in Secondary School my favourite subject was art (I had an amazing art teacher) and I never considered making anything to do with art as a career because I assumed I had to play it safe. So I became a teacher and did the “safe” thing so that I would have a stable job for the rest of my life. Clearly that didn’t work out and photography found me and I love getting to be creative with it, it keeps me motivated every single day! I adore the quote from fellow Canadian Jim Carrey, “You can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love.” I was so unhappy doing the “safe” thing with teaching that it turned out doing what I love was what would bring me the greatest happiness!