London Newborn Photographer: Why a Studio Session?


I am both a mobile newborn photographer and a studio newborn photographer. While coming to your home has many benefits for you, I am slowly leaning towards doing mostly studio sessions. The reason for this is the guaranteed professional quality I can provide for you. As a mobile photographer, I walk into your home not knowing what to expect in terms of light, space or environment to work in. It can be drafty or the light is all wrong and I have to just make it work. A drafty house results in baby wanting to be swaddled the entire time so it can be hard to get the variety and poses you desire. I understand how hard it is as a new mum to leave the house a week or so after just giving birth but I promise it can be worth it!

A studio session is great if you have a small home or not much light in your home. I recommend a studio session as it provides a more professional polished look as I have a professional wood backdrop and posing beanbag for newborn portraits and many different backdrops to create a variety of family portraits as well. You are also able to choose props in my studio and get a great variety! A studio session also allows me to be more creative with your session. For example, I can’t bring fresh flowers to your home session and I love using them in set ups!