London Newborn Photographer: The Importance of Photography.


I know, I know, photographers are always harping on about the importance of capturing memories and treasuring them forever! Yet it wasn’t until I looked at this photograph recently, posted by a family member, that I truly realized the importance of photographs you can hold onto forever. The little child in this photograph is my grandfather on my mother’s side. He died when I was about 12, so many memories of him are fuzzy and fragmented now. When my partner saw this picture he said, “Wow, doesn’t he look exactly like your little sister?” It was amazing to examine the photo further and realize that my 11 year old sister looks exactly how her grandfather did (a grandfather she never got to meet) when he was little.

Who else examines photographs of their parents when they were younger to see if they looked like you or your children? Photographs hold part of history and memories that we may never have been able to access but by viewing them we can feel like we are part of these memories and experiences. This photograph of my grandfather and his sister has been held in the family as a treasured heirloom. I find it very hard to believe that digital images will stay with us that long. It is important to print your images, it’s important to hold onto them and have them as a tangible object. Printing them on a photo block, a canvas, or heirloom album all preserve your memories for the generations ahead. Isn’t it neat to think that your great-great grandchild could look at an image of yourself and see the resemblance between the two of you?

This realization is why I’ve added premium quality products alongside digital image packages, I feel you should at least have the option to create a beautiful item that will be treasured in your family for years to come.

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