London Newborn Photographer: Why You Should Take Family Portraits During Your Newborn Session


Sometimes during newborn photography sessions I have clients who just want images of their newborns and not family images as they are too tired, aren’t ready/done up or mums feel they are carrying too much water weight. I always try to take a least a few family images as baby will only be this small in your arms for a short time (weeks in fact)! As a child I remember always loving to look at images of my parents with me as I loved seeing how different they looked and how much I’d grown. One of my favourite images is of my father and I on a beach in Florida before I could even walk. He was helping me dip my toes in the ocean and walking along with me. This is a precious memory that I wouldn’t even know about if I didn’t have these images to look back on. Even if you feel uncomfortable and are so exhausted that you can’t keep your eyes open during the session, pop in just a few images at the end, I promise it will be the family portraits that will truly be cherished for years to come by your children!