London Newborn Photographer: Frequently Asked Questions


Today I took the time to add a “Frequently Asked Questions for Newborn Photography” on my site. Here is what I get asked the most!

1.) How old should a newborn be for their newborn photography session?

Newborn photography sessions are best done when baby is 5-14 days old (but I do them up to a month old). Ideally it is best to do them at this time as newborns of this age are very sleepy and sleep very deeply. They are also very bendy and poseable! This means that most sessions done at this time are easier and smoother for baby as we want baby as happy as possible during our newborn photography sessions!

2.) Where is your newborn photography studio based?

My home-studio is based in London, England. I do newborn prop sessions in my studio and if you require a session at your home, this can be done in a natural lifestyle way with no props.

3.) When is it best to book our newborn photography session?

I only book 12 newborns per month to allow for flexibility with early and late births. I get very booked up so I recommend booking as early as possible (typically my clients book after their 12 or 20 week scan). If your baby is already born or you are booking late, please still enquire as I sometimes have last minute availability!

4.) Do you provide props for the newborn photography session? Do I need to bring anything for our session?

I provide everything we need for a newborn photography session. I have a range of high-quality props, hats, headbands, wraps and backdrops to create a beautiful session. If you would like to include an heirloom item please bring it!

5.) How do we secure our due date?

Please email me at to secure your due date. It is best to book as early as possible to ensure availability.

6.) Are you experienced with newborns? Do you use safe posing techniques? Are you insured?

I’m very experienced with newborns and have photographed hundreds and hundreds of newborns! They are my passion! I always use safe posing techniques and use composite images (Photoshop) when a pose requires it. My business is insured.

7.) Do newborn photography sessions include images of family and siblings?

Sessions include newborn portraits and portraits with family/siblings.

8.) How long do newborn photography sessions last?

Newborn photography sessions are entirely baby-led and we stop for soothing and feeds if need be. Sessions generally last 2-3 hrs but if baby needs extra soothing we are not rushed and take our time. I always say, “Baby is the boss!”

9.) Can you do newborn sessions for babies older than 14 days old?

I often do “newborn-like” sessions after 14 days old up to approximately 5 weeks old. These sessions may be slightly varied to accommodate for baby being more awake and less-posable.