London Newborn Photographer: Editing & Retouching


As a passionate newborn photographer I do all my own editing/retouching. This can sometimes be an extensive process, I thought I’d show you a before and after of an image that I completed recently. Editing can be a long process after a session and sometimes clients are confused on why their gallery can’t be sent to them in one day. I perceive newborn photography as an art form and love to put my creative stamp on each image. In this image you can see it is what newborn photographers call the “potato sack pose” and in this image I did basic colour correction, sharpening, removed my hand, retouched spots and smoothed skin. Then for the fun part! I love the potato sack pose because I can change the colour of the fabrics in the image in Photoshop and usually provide this pose in 3 colours chosen by you! It is so much fun to create something different with an image! I also love this pose and always start with it now as it puts baby into a deep sleep and they make the silliest faces in it, so adorable!