London Newborn Photographer: When should I book my newborn photography session?


I often get asked by enquiries how I book in newborn photography sessions when I don’t know when exactly a newborn will arrive as they can arrive early or two weeks late. The only way I can be flexible to work around a newborn’s arrival is by taking a limited amount of newborn photography sessions per month so that I can offer a few dates for parents to choose from when they arrive. Newborn photographers recommend booking after your 12 or 20 week scan as due to the need to be flexible, we don’t take a large amount of newborns on per month so we book up quickly. Also, if you wait until after your baby is born, time quickly flies by when baby arrives and before you know it, they are too old for a newborn session! It is best to book as early as possible so that it is one less thing on your baby to-do list!