London Newborn Photographer: We aren’t just photographers!


The beauty of hiring a professional newborn photographer is that you aren’t simply hiring a photographer. There is so much more to being a newborn photographer than meets the eye! A newborn photographer is very experienced with babies and I often joke that I’m part-nanny/ baby whisperer. As a very busy newborn photographer in London, I do about 3-5 newborn sessions a week and have done so for the last 4 years. That’s a lot of newborns and a lot of experience with them! While you are stressed and exhausted, I aim to make my newborn sessions a reprieve from the sleepless nights and crazy whirlwind you are experiencing. I handle newborns daily and know how to soothe/calm them so that you can relax and watch the session unfold. As newborn photographers we don’t simply take pictures but soothe, settle and pose newborns to obtain high-quality images. We are used to baby poop, vomit and all the fun stuff that comes with newborns (haha so much laundry)!