London Newborn & Baby Photographer: Swaddling


I always start my newborn photography sessions with a swaddle. Many clients do not understand why until after I do it as it works like magic, even on the fussiest of babies! This little guy was quite unsettled and did not want to sleep but the swaddle worked well on him, he liked being all cosy like in the womb. Newborns love having extra warmth and being cuddled up in a swaddle. I always start my session this way to get baby into a deep sleep and get a good foundation of images. Then after we have a good variety of images, we try the more difficult poses and more unwrapped looks if baby allows (my sessions are always baby-led). Some newborns don’t mind being unwrapped/unclothed if the room is warm enough but some absolutely hate it which is why I have many different kinds of swaddled images that I can do!