London Newborn & Baby Photographer: Photographing “Older” Newborns


As a newborn photographer I often repeat myself over and over about how important it is to book early and do a newborn photography session from 5-14 days old. But what happens when you didn’t know about newborn photography and now you have a 6 week old and you still really want pictures? Or what happens if you had a slightly longer than planned hospital stay and you missed that two week window? I always try to modify a session for those with babies who are older than one month old. Due to the baby being older, this generally means we have to capture more awake and swaddled images. The session may take longer as baby may be harder to get into a deep sleep and may need more soothing but I always try to get as much variety as we can out of every session to capture your beautiful baby in every way. I love photographing children of all ages and would never turn a baby away because they are too old!

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