London Newborn & Baby Photographer: Why Hiring An Experienced Newborn Photographer is Key

London-newborn-photography-428You’ve waited 9 months for your precious little baby to arrive and have been dreaming of having a child for so long. You want to hire a newborn photographer to record them when they are tiny and fresh. You start looking through Google and realise there are many, many newborn photographers in London, so who do you choose? It can be so confusing when you don’t know what to look for! The most important thing to look for when hiring a newborn photographer is, are they experienced with newborns, do their images look immaculately and comfortably posed and do they advocate safe posing and composite images?

What many don’t understand is that being a newborn photographer is not just about photography. It is about handling a little life in your hands and handling them, soothing them and posing them.  Some of the fancy poses seen online (that so many parents love) need experience, training and understanding by the newborn photographer. They need to understand spotting, composites, newborn startle reflexes, poor circulation etc. When hiring a photographer who is looking to build their portfolio with cheaper prices, they may not have the education and training with newborns. They may be forced into doing a pose they aren’t comfortable with doing because the parents want them to do it and they don’t have the heart to say they don’t know how to safely do it. Of course, everyone starts somewhere but starting with workshops and training is the best place to start!

A newborn photography session is very intimate and a special time.  Your newborn will be handled by an experienced newborn photographer most of the session (except feeding of course) because they are posing and soothing baby. Wouldn’t you rather rest assured you are hiring someone who is experienced and trained in safety?