London Newborn & Baby Photographer: What Happens During Our Newborn Photography Session?


A Newborn Photography Session can take quite awhile and some ask, how can a newborn photography session possibly last up to 4 hours long? What on earth happens during a session? Well, newborns are tiny humans that already have their own big personalities and each newborn is different. I always say that during a session the baby is the boss as I like to go with the flow and allow baby to tell me how he/she feels. We work with the mood of baby and modify our session for this.

Our newborn photography session starts with your arrival. Upon arrival we check if baby needs a feed or needs to be changed. Most newborns arrive asleep as they were sleeping in the car. If baby is asleep I try to keep them asleep and immediately swaddle them to keep them sleepy and happy. Once in swaddle I do a variety of set ups that require little movement for baby so that we get a good foundation of images in case baby wakes up. If baby wakes up we stop for a feed/soothe/change. Then once baby is in a deep sleep we move on the more posed images of baby. I love chatting to parents while I work as it’s great to get to know parents and have them feel comfortable. Once baby’s portion of the session is done we do the family portraits! As we’ve been chatting during the entire session, by the time the family portraits are started we are all comfortable and relaxed with each other. I love creating an environment where parents feel comfortable having their portraits taken! I prefer natural images of new parents interacting and looking at baby rather than super smiley/posed images. After family portraits I then explain how long it will take to get your gallery of images and we stop for a feed/change before you leave to go home!